Newsletter 08/2022

Dear Friends of TEDxTUDarmstadt, 

We are excited to inform you that our next TEDxTUDarmstadt event is coming up on September 24th. Our third event will be held under the theme “Journeys” and will be hosted at the European Space Operations Centre by ESA. We will present 9 outstanding speakers along with additional unique and thought provoking experiences. 

Early Bird Tickets are now on sale and available here!

This year you will witness our biggest and most ambitious TEDxTUDarmstadt event to date!

Among our speakers you will find Paolo Ferri, who was the Head of Mission Operations at the Satellite Control Center of the ESA and responsible for the Rosetta mission, the social entrepreneur Robin Balser, and many more! Topics covered at the event will also include mental health, renewable energy and artificial intelligence. During the course of the next weeks we will anounce the speakers and give you more information of what they will share with you on stage.

Apart from the talks, there will be food and drinks throughout the event and the two breaks can be used to interact with the other guests and speakers. TEDxTUDarmstadt aims to create a community of likeminded people, so you can be excited to meet many interesting new people, students, scientists, European Space Agency staff, entrepreneurs and other. It’s you who make the community.

After the main event there will also be an afterparty right at the venue, where you will be able to network over a glass of wine.

About our theme Journeys:

Our life is marked by the many journeys we take, may it be physical or of other nature; we are constantly changing and evolving. Our life journeys, changes in our culture and environment, journeys into the unknown and the proliferation of new technologies, all of these will be showcased in our next event on the 24.09.2022. So mark your calendars and get ready to go on a journey with us!


Our location for “Journeys” 

Is there anywhere better to host an event about Journeys than the place where space missions come alive? With pride and excitement, we announce that the 2022 TEDxTUDarmstadt event will be hosted jointly by ESA and the European Space Operations Centre. Join us at the center of European space activities, where satellites are designed and managed on a daily basis, and where engineers work to ensure future generations’ space safety. Be inspired by the talks of our speakers and soak up the spirit of this special setting. You can expect a day filled with inspiring TED talks, interesting conversations, interaction with other attendees, foods and drinks to take you on a culinary journey, and much more. We hope to welcome you at ESOC on September 24th! 


Everything at a glance:


TEDxTUDarmstadt 2022: Journeys 

September 24th, 2022; 13:00 – 20:00 

Location: European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt 



If you are an interested student and want to help during the event, we gladly invite you to get in touch with us directly to find out how you can support us. Visit our website for a contact form or reply directly to this email! 

If you represent a company and want to support us, we can also find ways work together during the event.

TEDxTUDarmstadt is growing and developing rapidly. We have already partnered with companies and organizations such as TU Darmstadt, Accenture, Merck, HEAG, Sparkasse Darmstadt, Sparda Bank and German techjobs. Our goal as a club is to contribute to the culture of Darmstadt. This is only possible if we expand and deepen our cooperation locally. If you are interested in working with TEDxTUDarmstadt and/or supporting us financially, please contact us directly via We have different sponsorship packets available and are always happy to talk to you to find the best way to cooperate. 

We hope to welcome you soon, together with the over 200 guests on the 24th September. If you have any questions regarding the event or our club in general, feel free to reply to this email to get into contact with us directly.
Until then, stay safe, stay curios and don’t forget to help share your ideas worth spreading.

Sincerely yours,

Newsletter 08/2021

Dear Friend of TEDxTUDarmstadt,

It’s time to show our hand. We have news for you! To make a long story short: tickets are now for sale, speakers are waiting for their turn and the sponsors are backing us on our endeavors. How much, who, where and what? The answers are below.


So, what’s up with the tickets?

We are pleased to announce the start of ticket sales! Since the upcoming event is in hybrid form, we are offering two categories of tickets: for the online translation and for the real-life event. A penny saved is a penny earned: until Saturday, August 28st, we are also offering early bird discounts! More information is available on our website.


I want to be on site. Where and when do you want to hold the event?

You will find us at this address: Best Western Plus Plaza Hotel Darmstadt, Am Kavalleriesand 6, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany.
When? On September 18th, at 3pm.


And the speakers?

We appreciate your curiosity! Here is a short introduction. More about the speakers and their topics will follow in the coming weeks on the social media platforms and our website.


You can’t be alone on this ride. Who else is on your side?

You are right! We are honoured to receive support from our main sponsors Accenture, Merck and HEAG. They all shape the face of our Hesse and we can’t think of a better example for this year’s theme ‘Shape Your World’.
In addition, our team would like to thank Sparkasse, Sparda-Bank and Vereinigung von Freunden der TU Darmstadt.
We look forward to working closely with our sponsors in the future!


As you can see, we are well-equipped for the coming event. What else is missing? You! To thank you for your great support and participation, we have prepared a goodie bag with many surprises for you again this year. Don’t forget to enter your address in the order process (only necessary for online tickets).

We can’t wait to meet you in person on September 18th. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date and keep the conversation going.


Best wishes,


Newsletter 06/2021

Dear Friend of TEDxTUDarmstadt,

We have a special reason to write to you again!

What could be better? The lockdown is getting softer, the sun is warming up and our team has an additional reason to rejoice: the upcoming event from TEDxTUDarmstadt, which will take place under the motto “Shape Your World“. We’ve been working hard over the past few months: looking for a theme for the upcoming event, acquiring speakers, designing a new logo, not to mention our eagerness to make the club a more enjoyable place for the participants. We have grown both in numbers and in our skills. In this newsletter, we want to share our latest updates.

First, tell me about the “When? Where? How many? What?”

The next event is expected to take place on September 18th, from 2 pm until 7 pm, and will be held on both physical and virtual platforms (we like to call it hybrid). We are expecting up to 250 attendees.

Our motto “Shape Your World” should stand for actively forming your world. To this end, we have involved speakers who would share their diverse experiences about how they change and improve the world, theirs and others, and make their visions an ultimate reality. Are you intrigued? Further details will follow in the upcoming newsletter, on our website and on Instagram where you can follow us.

New event = new logo, right?

Yes, that’s right! The Darmstadt-based design and branding company amce studios has supported us energetically and professionally with our new logo. We would like to express our gratitude for this, especially to the managing director Amelie Diehl. The new design will appear on such classics as T-shirts and pens from TEDx, on our website – and on our social media.

Logo amce_black_transparent neues Format

Phew, sounds like you’ve had a lot on your plate. How do you cope with it?

Divide and conquer. Within TEDxTUDarmstadt, there are four teams, each responsible for different tasks. Their leaders will tell you about the preparation process, their responsibilities, challenges and the latest news.


Operations + IT

Currently, the team is preparing this year’s TEDxTUDarmstadt event by securing a suitable location, planning the event technology and discussing different concepts to comply with the upcoming fall’s Covid-regulation. After reflecting on the experiences and feedback from our digital event in 2020, the team also adopted the IT concept to make TEDxTUDarmstadt 2021 the most memorable event of all time.


Marketing + Finance

In the area of marketing, partnerships and finances, we work in parallel on many exciting topics. Our responsibilities include the external image and communication of the club, the support of partners and the securing of funding. In the past weeks, we have been particularly busy with the financing of the upcoming event as well as with the creation of the new design language. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Friends of the TU Darmstadt e.V., who are again supporting us financially as partners this year.



Following an intensive acquisition phase, Team Creative is currently focusing on speaker support in particular. Our eight very promising speakers are currently being supported by us in areas ranging from idea generation to coaching.
To make sure our speakers get the best experience, we provide them with individual mentoring. We have conducted training sessions with a psychology graduate so that we can support and give feedback to speakers depending on their individual needs. Additionally, the speakers have started the TED Masterclass program, learning from TED’s greatest about developing and holding a unique TEDx talk.
We are very excited about the planned speeches with topics ranging from innovation and sustainability to social as well as music.
Stay tuned for more information!


HR & Fun

We have been working on internal subjects such as onboarding new members, but our main focus in the past weeks has been on our whole team. How can we improve communication at TEDxTUDarmstadt? How can we get to know each other in a digital environment? How can we connect and make meaningful experiences as a team? To solve these problems, we are trying out many new things. For example, we are working on new ways of sharing the progress of individual teams with everyone else. And we had our first digital semester kick-off party with music, games, cocktails, and lots of fun! More team events are already in the planning and will come in the following months.


I’m an interested student and want to support you!

Then, we are cordially inviting you to join our core team.

I represent a company and want to support you!

TEDxTUDarmstadt is growing and developing rapidly. We have already partnered with such companies and organizations as TU Darmstadt, Sparkasse Darmstadt, Lab3 and HUB31. Our goal as a club is to contribute to the culture of Darmstadt. This is only possible if we expand and deepen our cooperations locally. If you are interested in working with TEDxTUDarmstadt, please contact us directly via We have three sponsorship packets available and are always open to a dialogue.


Best wishes,


Newsletter 01/2021

Liebe TEDx Freundin, lieber TEDx Freund,

wir hoffen, du hattest einen guten Start ins neue Jahr.

Die digitale Veranstaltung vom 31.10.2020 war unsere erste Erfahrung in der Organisation eines TEDx-Events. Und obwohl das Jahr 2020 turbulenter war, als wir zunächst erwartet hatten, haben wir einen Weg gefunden, es mit schönen Erinnerungen und neuen Lehren zu verschönern – nicht nur für unsere Teammitglieder, sondern auch für unsere Gäste und Redner. Dafür wollen wir uns bei allen bedanken, die unsere Arbeit in 2020 unterstützt haben. Wir haben vieles von unseren Erfahrungen gelernt und sind nun gut auf neue Großtaten vorbereitet.

Was bedeutet das? Das Team von TEDxTUDarmstadt setzt seine Arbeit auch in 2021 fort! Wer kann schon sagen, wie das neue Jahr 2021 ausfallen wird? Einer Sache sind wir uns jedoch ganz sicher: Das neue TEDx-Event wird stattfinden. Wir haben viel Arbeit vor uns, und die Vorbereitung beginnt schon jetzt. Möchtest du einen Blick hinter die Kulissen werfen und dich an der kommenden Veranstaltung beteiligen? Mehr Informationen dazu findest du hier.

Liebe Grüße
Dein TEDx-Team