Event 2021: Shape Your World

We are happy and proud to present our first in-person TEDxTUDarmstadt event! On September 18, our event was held under the motto “Shape Your World”. Our motto “Shape Your World” should stand for actively forming your world. To this end, we have engaged speakers to share their diverse experiences on how they are changing and improving the world, theirs and others, and putting their visions into ultimate reality.

For months we have been working hard and passionately on this event. With up to 250 participants and seven speakers, we have reached completely new dimensions. In addition, there is another novelty: the event was held both live under the highest hygiene standards and virtually (we like to call it hybrid). 


7 Speakers

250 Attendees

Hybrid Event

We proudly announce the first speaker – Dr. Markus Hammer – of our event “Shape your world”!

Dr. Markus Hammer leads the global Operations Learning team at McKinsey & Company. He has been advising clients on resource-productive operations and capability building since 2004, and has been active in learning factories for the last 15 years. He started his career in 2000 at Procter & Gamble in Germany. Markus Hammer studied process engineering at Graz University of Technology and later earned his doctorate there at the Institute for Innovation and Industrial Management. He is the author of several books and articles and a university lecturer at Graz University of Technology. He is happily married, father of two sons and lives in Austria.

And now we are happy to welcome him in Darmstadt!

What is the talk of Dr. Markus Hammer about?
In a fast-changing world where technology and new ways of working in Operations are demanding new answers – our thoughts and core beliefs – the human factor – matters more than ever!
Have you heard common phrases like “Think big”, “Think positive”, “Think differently”? With thousands of thoughts per day, defining your core beliefs can help you keep your vision in mind and get through turbulent times.
In his TED talk, Dr. Hammer will share his personal journey and his set of core beliefs for resource productive operations, learning & development, and personal life. If you can’t wait to watch his TED talk we can help you out with the TED Talk that inspired Dr. Markus Hammer: Sir Ken Robinson – Bring on the Learning
And now we can’t wait to see Dr. Markus Hammer on our stage on the 18.09.2021.

Proudly announcing our next speaker: Omar El Manfalouty!

Professionally, Omar El Manfalouty has been a research assistant at the Historical Seminar of Goethe University Frankfurt since 2019 and is pursuing a dissertation project on the role of political freedom for Jewish and Christian groups under Roman rule. As a sideline, he is a professional pilot and flight instructor in Egelsbach near Frankfurt. Since 2018, he has also volunteered as a pilot and foundation board member for the Swiss Humanitarian Pilots Initiative (HPI).

In his talk, Omar El Manfalouty wants to show how improvisation and voluntary engagement of many different people can help to tackle problems directly, using the example of their humanitarian mission in the central Mediterranean Sea. This direct intervention does not replace a long-term solution, but it already turns the situation around for the better in the meantime.

We look forward to welcoming you in Darmstadt and are very excited about your TED Talk!

Our next speaker is
… a woman
… physicist
… former astronaut trainer
… helicopter pilot and paramedic
… she loves to challenge herself, in sports, further education, or just while thinking.
… fascinated by people who manage to break away from others in order to find and go their own way and those who stand and fight for something and find the right words in the process.

She believes that finding, seeing, admitting one’s place in the universe would help to make the world a better place. She likes the power and energy that radiated when ‘we’ work together, when we help others, shake hands, form a rescue alley on the highway, cry together in front of the TV while watching bad news in the world, or even just watching the European Championship partying with strangers on the street.
We are good when we are good.

One of the possible basic laws for our own success is based on the same law of nature that makes the International Space Station ISS fly around the earth.
Unrealistic? 🙂 Winterling will explain it and take you, our audience, on a little journey around our planet at 28,000 km / h.
Under the motto: Fundamental Laws of Physics – or How Gravity Influences Your Personal Success, Winterling will demonstrate what astronauts and flying helicopters taught her about inner attitude and success.
She will provide tools after which you can find your own way. This talk is designed to inspire, make you laugh and be amazed, and at the crucial moment maybe also help to ‘just do it after all’.
An encourager … and also a participant;)
but nothing is revealed about this. Take a look, listen, join in – get started!

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