Event 2020: Rethinking the Future

Dear friends, we are happy to announce our very first TEDx event, with the theme “Rethinking the Future”! In a world full of possibilities and threats, that has given us the tools to question everything we know, we aim to collaboratively develop a picture of how the world of tomorrow might look like. From the individual to the collective, from humans to robots and cities to nations, groundbreaking speeches will offer you new insights and perspectives about how you can change the world around you. With exciting speeches from industry and science and many opportunities for interactive discussions, the event offers a unique and independent platform for ideas worth spreading. Fascinating regional and international speakers will share their inspiring visions of the future with you. Because of the current circumstances, we are going to host the event online complemented by a lovingly arranged giveaway box. We are excited to invite you to an exciting afternoon and to see you soon.

Join us and let us rethink the future together!



4 Speakers

100 Attendees


You can buy tickets to our online event for the price of €7.50 and support us this way. The package includes live access to the event and a giveaway box, which will be delivered to your home.

Rethinking the Future - Speakers

Wolf Henning Gebhardt is a scientist by education. Driven by his curiosity and a reflective way of thinking, Wolf Gebhardt is inspired by molecular biology. He is a scientist with profound expertise in genome biology, immunology, engineering, and advanced data analytics. He holds a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in immunobiology, which he obtained through his studies at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria and the Harvard Medical School in Boston. After several years of postdoctoral research at the Institute of Molecular Biology, Wolf Gebhardt joined Abbott in 2018 where he currently works as a R&D Scientist.

... more to be announced soon.