Event 2023: Next Chapter

Our biggest and most ambitious TEDxTUDarmstadt event to date! Join our new event this October and listen to 8 inspiring speakers on a big stage. Be part of a unique yearly event, which is organised by students for everyone who wants to attend!

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The “Justus-Liebig-Haus” in Darmstadt is a notable establishment named after the renowned chemist Justus von Liebig who made significant contributions to chemistry and science, adds to its historical and educational value.

The Justus Liebig Haus aligns with the city’s academic and cultural atmosphere. It continues to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and ideas by providing a space for researchers, scientists, and scholars to convene and share their work.


12:30 – 13:30 Admission

13:30 Start of Session 1

1. Jochen Adler
2. Marie Döscher
3. Marius Wolf
4. Paul Steinwachs

15:00 Snacks Snacks Break

16:00 Start of Session 2

5. Lisa Wittmann
6. Marc Neumann
7. Aiswarya Menon
8. Andreas Steinle

17:30 End of the Event



We are happy to announce Andreas Steinle as a speaker for our TEDxTUDarmstadt “Next Chapter” Event!

Andreas, the Curiosity Catalyst, challenges the notion that “curiosity killed the cat”; instead, he champions it as a vital resource for individuals and organizations. 

With over 25 years in trends and futures research, Andreas is the founder of Zukunftsinstitut Workshop GmbH in Frankfurt, a consultancy transforming trends into innovation. His journey from Berlin and Hamburg to New York and Frankfurt reflects his passion for change and innovation. As a member of the Merck Curiosity Council, he has developed innovative curiosity methods, aiding organizations worldwide. 

Don not miss the talk here


We are happy to announce Jochen Adler as a speaker for our TEDxTUDarmstadt “Next Chapter” Event!

Jochen, the linguistic innovator, is on a mission to bridge the gaps between languages and cultures. A self-starting software engineer and devoted European, Jochen envisions a world where language diversity becomes our greatest strength, not a barrier.

In his compelling TEDx talk, he unveils a transformative idea: using technology to dissolve language barriers and create a more inclusive, interconnected global society. With a professional journey from code to cross-cultural understanding, Jochen inspires us to embrace a future where languages unite humanity. Don’t miss his vision at TEDxTUDarmstadt.

Don not miss your chance to secure a seat to this unforgettable experience – get your tickets now and be part of the adventure!


We are happy to announce Lisa Wittmann as a speaker for our TEDxTUDarmstadt “Next Chapter” Event!

Meet Lisa, a compassionate advocate for mental health in the workplace. Lisa’s journey is deeply personal, born from her own struggle with the unhealthy work lifestyle of a former workaholic. She knows firsthand the toll excessive stress can take on one’s physical and mental well-being, including the harrowing experience of being caught in a burnout spiral.
Today, as a certified Stress & Burnout Coach and a seasoned speaker, Lisa is on a mission to transform workaholics into workNOholics. Her TEDx Talk delves into the “success factor mental health,” shedding light on its relevance in our high-pressure work culture.
Here is the  TEDxTalk connecting Lisa’s inspiring journey, uncover the key to lasting professional success and mental well-being, and help end the stigma around mental health in the workplace.


We are happy to announce Marc Neumann as a speaker for our TEDxTUDarmstadt “Next Chapter” Event!

Marc Neumann, a passionate advocate for both artificial intelligence and the natural world, creating a bridge between technology and nature. While studying Computational Engineering, Marc discovered an unexpected connection to birds, rooted in his childhood spent near a forest.
He combines his love for AI and nature to tackle a pressing issue: saving endangered bird species. With “Bird Mapper,” an AI-powered solution, Marc aims to accurately track bird populations and locations, offering hope for the preservation of threatened species.
Step into Marc Neumann’s world, where cutting-edge technology becomes the lifeline for endangered birds and the natural world. At TEDxTUDarmstadt, you’ll embark on a remarkable journey that unites innovation and conservation, redefining the future for our feathered friends.


Unveiling the extraordinary Paul Yoshio Steinwachs, a visionary storyteller and visual communicator, as he invites you into a world where the ’80s and ’90s sci-fi, mechas, comics, and video games come alive.

In 2012, Paul founded “Designerds,” a groundbreaking graphic studio dedicated to his mission. But his impact goes beyond the studio walls. Since 2018, he’s been using his storytelling skills to infuse the corporate world with his nerdy passion and creativity, particularly among top decision-makers in the business-to-business (B2B) sector.
Join us at TEDxTUDarmstadt 2023 as Paul Yoshio Steinwachs takes the stage to share his journey, inspiring us with his unparalleled dedication to creativity and his unique ability to transform ideas into compelling visual stories. Don’t miss your chance to secure a front-row seat to this unforgettable experience – get your tickets now and be part of the adventure!
Embark on a heartfelt journey with Aiswarya Menon, a spirited soul hailing from the lush landscapes of Kerala, India. She invites you to tread alongside her as she navigates the realms of #robotics in Germany, defying genderbiases along the way.
Aiswarya’s story unfolds from a young girl’s dreams to a woman’s resolute self-belief, kindling the flames of #empowerment and unlearning self-doubt. As the Head of Robotics at Telekinesis, she beckons not just women, but all of us to embrace our unique potential, reminding us that together, we can create a world where gender is never a limit to shine.
We welcome you to TEDxTUDarmstadt 2023 to be inspired by Aiswarya’s inspiring tale and become a force of self-belief and #inclusivity. Together, let’s script a future where every individual’s potential is welcomed and celebrated.
Did she wake your interest? Take a dive in her story here


Meet Marius Wolf, a water enthusiast and environmental visionary. From studying the solutions of Holzer Permaculture to riding the waves and making music with friends, Marius finds inspiration in the rhythms of nature.
Trained as a civil engineer, he embarked on a journey from his native Germany to Bali, where he witnessed both the beauty of tropical paradise and the environmental challenges of #globalization. Now, he shares his passion for circular, nature-inspired systems, addressing the critical question: How can we learn from Earth’s water cycle to design thriving cities and landscapes?
Let’s accompany Marius Wolf on his journey to explore the water cycling around our planet. Together, we’ll plant the seed for redesigning our world, crafting landscapes where water sustains life, and nature thrives, ensuring a future where every drop is a promise kept for generations to come. 
Get ready to be inspired by Marius Wolf at TEDxTUDarmstadt 2023.  Follow his inspiring story here


Join us at TEDxTUDarmstadt for a remarkable journey with Marie Döscher, a legal luminary known for her unwavering dedication to uncovering the most crucial facts. As a former public prosecutor, she’s a maestro in unraveling the intricacies of crime and justice.

In an era defined by constant evolution, Marie’s insights reveal how fostering a culture of sensitivity and understanding in the workplace can transform the game. Imagine a world where diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords but the essence of success.

Marie’s expertise, spanning a wide spectrum from battling fraud and bribery to addressing #MeToo-related incidents, is an invaluable asset in today’s world.

Here  is her presentation at Next Chapter promises to inspire and empower. 


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