Event 2022: Journeys

Our biggest and most ambitious TEDxTUDarmstadt event to date! Hosted at the European Space Operations Centre, we presented 9 outstanding speakers along with an additional unique special act and thought-provoking experiences.

Among our speakers were Paolo Ferri, who was the Head of Mission Operations at the Satellite Control Center of the ESA and responsible for the Rosetta mission, AI Researcher Marcel Isbert, and many more! Topics covered at the event also included mental health and renewable energy. The videos of their talks will be available soon on the TEDx YouTube Channel!

Apart from the talks, there also were food and drinks throughout the event and the two breaks could be used to interact with the other guests and speakers. TEDxTUDarmstadt aims to create a community of likeminded people, so you could be excited to meet many interesting new people.

After the main event there also was a get-together hosted by Accenture right at the venue, where you were able to get in contact with the other guests and speakers.


10 Speakers

250 Attendees

In-person Event


Credit: European Space Agency

We are excited to host this year’s TEDxTUDarmstadt event at ESA’s ESOC mission control centre. It is an honour to work alongside the ESA operations team in a close partnership, witnessing first hand the energy of Europe’s centre of excellence for satellite operations and the home of ESA’s Space Safety Programme. ESOC is a strong supporter of the TEDx motto “ideas worth spreading”, as the centre works to share knowledge and expertise, bring the benefits of space to Earth, and drive innovation in the European space community.

Join us at the place where spacecraft are flown on pioneering journeys across the Solar System for an evening of talks by leading experts on Space, AI, Leadership, Sustainability and much more!


Schedule for TEDxTUDarmstadt 2022: “Journeys”

12:00 – 13:00 Admission

13:00 Start of Session 1

– Paolo Ferri
– Andreas Dreizler
– Thomas Niederkrotenthaler

14:45 Special act: Laughter yoga

15:00 Food Break

15:45 Start of Session 2

– Emmeline Charenton
– Marcel Isbert
– Olga Reis

16:45 Short Break

17:15 Start of Session 3

– Paula Grosser
– Wolfgang Wimmer
– Luise Volkmann

18:15 Get-together hosted by Accenture

20:00 End of the Event

We are excited to introduce our second speaker, Paolo Ferri, who has been a recognized leader and expert in space mission operations at ESA’s European Space Operations Centre. 

Through almost four decades at the forefront of Europe’s journeys in space, Paolo went from Operations Engineer to Operations Manager on various scientific satellite missions, followed by serving as Flight Director on Rosetta, Venus Express and Goce. His career has been capped off by eight years as Head of Mission Operations for ESA, overseeing all of ESA’s robotic mission operations. 

Paolo, who is also a member of the International Academy of Astronautics and Royal Aeronautical Society, will share with you the unique insights he gained accompanying the long journey through time and space of the Rosetta mission, the first interplanetary probe to rendezvous with a comet. 

The journeys, which Paolo has been responsible for, revolutionized space science and our knowledge of the solar system and we are thankful that Paolo will join our stage to share his experiences with you.

Are you interested to get to know more about this Journey? Follow the link below to join our TEDxEvent and have an unforgettable experience. 

We are happy to announce Emmeline Charenton as a speaker for our TEDxTUDarmstadt “Journeys” Event!

Having grown up in the black forest near the french border in a binational household, Europe has always been a certainty for Emmeline. It was when living in New Zealand that she gained more perspective on the European history and its culture, thus intensifying her feeling of belonging. She therefore completed her studies in European Studies and Political Communication to gain a broader understanding of the culture, history and the functioning of the Europe and the European Union. She now works for the Franco-German Youth Office (Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk), which was created in 1963 with the Treaty of Elysee to enable young people to have exchange experiences.

Since 2015 she volunteers at the Young European Federalists (JEF Germany) because she is convinced that Europe is a necessity for the future and that it affects us everyday. Both, with her job and her voluntary work she is committed to the European idea because she believes that we can be part and shape the European journey. In her TED Talk she will therefore take a short walk though history to show, that Europe and especially the European Union is a human journey and enterprise and that is is and always has been a counter-proposal for building a different future.

We are happy to introduce our third TEDxTUDarmstadt speaker Luise Volkmann for our TEDxEvent “Journeys” on 24.09.2022 to you!

Luise Volkmann is Cologne-based musician. She studied saxophone, composition and musicology in Leipzig, Paris and Cologne and has lived and worked in Germany, France, and Brazil. She is not only involved in different forms of contemporary music, but also in various socio-cultural projects. Her interest in is cooperative ideas, collectives and knowledge from different fields of art and life. 

Luise Volkmann is active in jazz, free improvisation and new music and experimental format. She has played concerts in Scandinavia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France, and also staffs her Large Ensemble with European musicians. As a composer her works were first published in 2017 by Edition Leduc. She produced commissioned compositions for the Bauhaus Jubilee Weimar, the Philharmonie Köln, the municipal archive Cologne and the Ensemble machine à trois. In 2020 Volkmann won a composition residency in Montepulciano (IT), as well as the Kathrin Lemke Prize Darmstadt. In 2021, she won the Horst and Gretl Will Scholarship of the City of Cologne.

Since 2021, Luise Volkmann teaches a mixture of artistic conception and cultural philosophical approaches at the Hochschule Darmstadt in the master “Expanded Media”.

We are pleased to welcome Andreas Dreizler as our fourth TEDxTUDarmstadt speaker at our event on September 24th!

Andreas Dreizler is a successful scholar and researcher. He has published more than 380 papers in professional journals and textbooks in the field of reactive flows and diagnostics. Moreover, he is a member of international Commitees such as the National Academy of Technical Science (acatech), and is part of the board of the Combustion Institute’s German Section. While also operating as the department head of reactive flows and diagnostics at TU Darmstadt, he passes on his experience and knowledge to students as a lecturer. On September 24, he will present insights in one of his projects at our event! 

As a multiple award winner for his research, he will share the strategy from a current project with us about how to store energy in an environmentally friendly way. Implementing this method in the industry will pave the way to achieving climate targets such as greenhouse gas neutrality. Elaborating on the choice of material, he will describe the operating principle of this concept.

“AI Innovation goes hand in hand with change, which requires honest vision and trust”, is a statement by our fifth speaker, Marcel Isbert.

​ ​ Marcel Isbert works as an Artificial Intelligence Manager at STATWORX and is a member of the Advisory Board of AI Frankfurt Rhein-Main e.V. In this role, he aims to create regional impact when it comes to AI. As an Expert in his field, he is also a member of the Artificial Intelligence Alliance of the European Commission. Having studied Business Psychology, he draws attention to the influence of trust when dealing with AI. He emphasizes the link between the use of AI and human resources in his work in management consulting, in holding lectures on AI, and as a keynote speaker.​ ​

We are delighted to welcome Marcel Isbert to our TEDxEvent “Journeys” on September 24! As a Business Psychology alumni of TU Darmstadt, he comes back to Darmstadt to share his view on the linkage between AI and trust with us.

We are looking forward to welcome Thomas Niederkrotenthaler as a TEDxTUDarmstadt speaker at our TEDxEvent “Journeys” on the 24.09.2022. ​

Besides being an Associated Professor of Public Health and leading a research group with focus on suicide prevention at the medical University Vienna, Austria, he is the founding chair-man of the Wiener Werkstätten for Suicide Research. The Foundation is one of the leading suicide prevention groups in central Europe. ​

One of his research fields as a suicidologist and mental health researcher are media effects on suicide. Here, he deals with the roles of media in suicide prevention and shows that media can save lives by preventing suicide. As a well-known suicidologist and mental health researcher, he will give us an insight into his work and show us that media can save lives by preventing suicide. ​

Are you interested in finding out more about Thomas Niederkrotenthaler’s TEDxTalk? ​ Come join our TEDxEvent and have an unforgettable experience. Get your tickets!

Are you ready to broaden your horizons through laughter? With a big smile, we announce our special act for the TEDxTUDarmstadt event, Alessandro Donati!

During his day job, Alessandro is the Artificial Intelligence & Operations Innovation Manager at ESA’s European Space Operations Centre. With over 30 years of experience in satellite operations, he has been a pioneer in supporting space operators with machine learning and AI techniques for mission planning, subsystem behaviour prediction, and anomaly detection and prevention. But by night, Alessandro has devoted himself to practicing Laughter Yoga, bringing joy and new perspectives to the groups that join him.

Laughter Yoga was invented in India as a way to relieve stress and keep a positive mind, especially in challenging times. It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques, bringing more oxygen to the body and brain, leading practitioners to feel more focused and energetic, and increasing their wellbeing.

We thank Alessandro for providing us all the possibility to experience this unique practice. Join us on 24 September for our TEDxTUDarmstadt event and let yourself be surprised by the refreshing effects Laughter Yoga has on your body and mind.

We are happy to introduce our next TEDxTUDarmstadt speaker Olga Reis for our TEDxEvent “Journeys” on 24.09.2022 to you!

Olga Reis is half Ukrainian and half German. In the course of her life, she has lived in a variety of countries. Thanks to this, she is now fluent in five languages.

Today, she works in an international IT consultancy helping companies on their way to become intelligent companies with SAP. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters, her two horses and her two dogs. She continues to travel a lot due to the fact that her friends are spread all over the world.

In her TEDx talk “My journey mindset and the journey of my life” she will talk about how changing her perspective has impacted her life and what she had to overcome to get where she is today, professionally and personally.

We are happy to introduce our next TEDxTUDarmstadt speaker Paula Grosser for our TEDxEvent “Journeys” on 24.09.2022 to you!

Having lived and studied in six different countries Paula has experienced various cultures and environments. Soon she came to realize that water related problems often occur where people are especially exposed and vulnerable. Therefore, she engages in paying a contribution towards investigating and implementing projects that address water availability and security.

For almost two years, she has been committed to volunteering with Engineers Without Borders. Here she is a technical representative for a project dealing with the construction of cisterns in Kenya. The project works in cooperation with a local association that aims to continue the work in the long term. She also focuses on regional developments in water availability in central Germany.

In the context of a PhD at the Technical University of Darmstadt she researches climate change effects in a regional river basin. During her speech, she would like to emphasize the importance of sustainability in development cooperation. She is convinced that the key lies in dialogue, cooperation and learning from one another. Oftentimes, existing structures can be used to create fertile ground for sustainable projects.

We are proud to present our last speaker Wolfgang Wimmer for our “Journeys” event this Saturday!

We hope that you will enjoy the talk of this space themed speaker with Wolfang.

During his time at ESA/ESOC, Wolfgang Wimmer has been involved for over 34 space mission, with being the Flight Operations Director of 15 of them.
Thanks to his involvement in mission control and related preparations including the rescue missions of EXOSAT, HIPARCOS and EURECA., operation concept definition, feasibility studies, risk assessment, mission success management and cost determinations, he has built up a vast amount of knowledge about space exploration.
At the time of his retirement in 2004 he used his insights to explored the possibility of mankind’s departure from earth.
While life on earth should not be taken for granted, mankind may want to consider reaching for the stars.
But is it realistic for humans to survive on a different planet?
Where can we go? And would this transition be feasible and how long could such an undertaking last?
His talk will explore these and many more questions in a condensed form.

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